Rockee BETA Launch

Rockee BETA Launch

What is Rockee? Rockee is a B2B content measurement and feedback platform. It’s been built around a common problem we have in B2B marketing, in that we make a lot of content – but struggle to prove the value of it. Analytics leads us to guesswork. SEO takes a long time for traction and lead-gen […]

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Confessions of a Content Marketer

This anonymous confession from one content marketer was delivered to Rockee HQ in a manilla envelope. Alongside the confession was a note that said: I wish I was brave enough to put my name to this, but I still make a living creating absurdly bad content for some of the world’s biggest brands. I hope […]

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How to measure content ROI – what does content performance look like?

The B2B content performance conundrum Measuring and understanding content performance is a challenge most B2B marketers are asking themselves this year. Let us set the scene, the content marketing machine shows no sign of slowing – growing to a $60 billion+ industry, according to Research Dive. The global pandemic sent that growth into over-drive as […]