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Get feedback on everything from web content, blogs, and webinars to events. Just add one of our widgets – whatever the content.

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Insight with ease

Which widget for your website?

Take your pick from an embedded widget or a chat-style widget. Either way, you’ll get feedback from about 1 in 100 readers.

Customise your questions

See who is reading your content

Get insight into your audience with custom questions. You can see who’s reading and what they thought of it.

Customise your widget

Your widget in your branding

You can customise your widget to fit your brand. Tweak the buttons, icons, and colours to match.

Content perfect for widgets

Brilliant Blogs

Find out what your audience thinks of your blog. Is it giving them the content they’re looking for? Where could you improve?

Effective SEO

Does your content match the search intent of your audience. Do they finish reading glad they found your content or wondering how they got here?

Landing pages that land

Did you land your key message? Did your audience take the next step? Do you need to take action to get them to take action?

Helpful help centres

Make sure your product guides and tutorials are easy to follow and enable your audience.

Content-feedback landing pages

Get insight on high-value content

Newsletters. Big reports. Webinars. Live events. Find out what people think of your high-value content with a feedback landing page.

What content should I use a feedback landing page for?

Think thought leadership

Numbers of downloads won’t tell you what people thought of your thought-leadership content. Rockee will.

Ask attendees

Whether it’s a webinar or event, you can get feedback on your sessions with Rockee.

Know how newsletters perform

Go beyond the open rate and find out what people really think of your newsletter content.

Looking for inspiration? - check out our setup guide below

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Pick a plan

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