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Rockee is the first B2B content feedback platform. If you’re a content marketer, it’ll help you make better content by giving you clear feedback from people who have actually read your content. Awe-to-the-some. Interested? Book a demo below:

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Get real feedback on your content

Understand how your content’s performing and build trust with your audience. Rockee works with both gated and un-gated content. It’s like the Trustpilot of content marketing. And it’s all about great content – helping you smash content KPIs and showing a return on content investment (ROCI).


Learn with rich insights

You could spend a lot of time trying to draw conclusions from analytics, social and search data. Or you could get Rockee to help you understand content performance. It’s 10x faster and easier and works, simply, by asking the people who really matter – your audience.


Make better content, get better results

With Rockee, you’ll know your audience by department, seniority – even where they are on their customer journey. And you can use these insights to not only make better content, but also build trust with Review widgets which leads to a more engaged audience and more leads.



If you recognise any of the challenges below,you’re in the right place.
Rockee can help.

You are missing the who and where

You don’t know who’s reading your content or where they are in their customer journey. Are the right people on your site, seeing the right content at the right time?


You’ll find out who’s reading your content with Rockee, what they do and their seniority. What’s more, it’ll tell you where they are on a customer journeyl

You don’t know if your content’s working

You spend lots of time and money on your content marketing. But you can’t tell whether it’s working or how to improve it. And you struggle to prove its value to the rest of your business.


Qualitative and quantitative insight on your content. That’s new, right? It’ll help you measure and show the value of your content marketing. And tell you whether you’re educating, entertaining, and solving problems for your audience.

You don’t know what the data’s telling you

We love data. But, is yours telling you what you need to know about your content? Or is it forcing you into guessing and making up a story that ‘seems’ to fit.


You’ll have clear insight to help you create better content. And you’ll get it 10x faster than if you muffled through the ‘metrics’. Want to take an iterative, fast fail approach to your content? Rockee’s well up for that.

Your content isn’t

Again. You’re not alone.Gated content conversion rates are down,which doesn’t help when you need to supply more, and better quality, leads.


Reviews of your content can help you build trust. It’s all about social proof. Show that other people found your content useful you’ll encourage more people to read and download it.



Qualify your audience

Identify your B2B website visitors by job function and level of seniority

Collected verified audience feedback

Real users, real ratings and verified content feedback from B2B audiences

Content tagging
and segmentation

Segment reviews by campaign, content type, gated/un-gated, audience and stage of customer journey.


Performance Dashboards

See how many people read your content, leave ratings and feedback – prove that you’re smashing your content-marketing KPIs.

Trust Badges

Let people know how great your content is with social proof from Rockee Trust Badges and scores.

Trust Badge


Get insights into how trust badges perform and their impact on your
gated content conversion and content engagement.


Replies and

Respond to feedback and start talking to your audience


Flag and report any inappropriate
reviews for quick administrator review.

Content specific

Get reviews on individual
pieces of gated and ungated content.

Who uses Rockee?


who need to show
a return on content-marketing investment (ROCI).


who want to make the
best content and show the rest of their business how good it is.


who want to boost trust, on-site engagement
and conversion.


who want to
show the value of their

Content ratings

Content Reviews

Trust Badges Opened

Review collection Emails

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