Content feedback & analytics

Measure content quality with ease

No more post rationalising numbers. No more guessing. In one simple view, you can see how traffic is performing with user feedback on the quality of your work.

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Save hours analysing and reporting on content

Don’t guess. Measure

Two days. That’s how long marketers spend every month trying to work out how well their content works from analytics data.

You can do that in Rockee in a fraction of that time. It combines GA4, content ratings, and reader feedback in one simple dashboard. So, you can easily see what’s performing and what’s not.

See who's reading

What does your audience think of your content?

You can see who’s feeding back on your content in Rockee. It’ll tell you which roles, from which industries, have read your content and what they thought of it.

Improve your content

Get qualitative content feedback

Most of the time you have to second guess what your audience wants or needs. With Rockee, you’ll find out what they really think. And that means you can optimise your content and make sure they get what they’re looking for.

Three reasons Rockee rocks

Identify content trends by audience

Make sure you’re attracting the right people to your content. And see whether they think you’re getting it right.

Save time on monthly reporting

Swap wading through analytics data for a quick check of a dashboard that tells you what’s performing.

Optimise your content for search

Use feedback from your audience to help with information gain on what your audience are looking for from your content.

Looking for inspiration? - watch how our dashboards work below 📺

Content insights made easy

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