Social proof badges & content sharing toolkit

Increase content conversion rates

Reviews of your content help built trust. Use trust badges to show that other people found your content helpful and watch your engagement soar!

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Build trust with your audience as a thought leader

Struggling to maintain reader attention?

Social proof badges are great for showing how valuable your content is to visitors to your website. 

Aside the fuzzy feeling of making great content - user generated reviews can mean a 4.6% increase in conversion rates (CXL)

Share the ❤️ with your creatives

Give credit where it's due to your content teams

Content creators are often starved of any insight on how effective their work was. Now you can easily share audience ratings and feedback, giving your teams insight on how well their content resonates.

Share your Rockee rating

Increase engagement and conversion rate

Your content is competing with multiple tabs, websites and social media. Show your audience they will get a good experience with social proof from other happy users.

Create content feedback loops

Share the value and impact of your content to internal writers, creatives and management teams – with insights on where you can make improvement.

Content insights made easy

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