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Meet Rockee 2.0

Marketers are struggling more than ever to prove the value of their content

We continuously gather feedback from our users to understand the challenges they face. Content marketers, in particular, struggle with collecting data from multiple sources and drawing meaningful insights about what works, what doesn’t, and most importantly, why. Proving the value of our content has become increasingly difficult, complicating budgeting, resourcing, and planning efforts for so many.

While we’re thrilled with the reception of Rockee 1.0, it was always intended as a stepping stone to unlocking insights into what makes content effective. In a world filled with multiple data points, metrics, and insight tools, we realised the missing piece was feedback from the audience themselves.

Over the past year, through trial and error, we’ve demonstrated the value of collecting audience data from hundreds of users. We now have tens of thousands of feedback responses across our user base. This data is incredibly valuable, but now it’s time to takes things further…

Introducing Rockee 2.0

With feedback from the Rockee community, we are deep into planning and development for a major product leap.

Rockee 2.0 integrates data from SEO, Analytics, CRM, and our feedback surveys, then uses AI to make recommendations on where to improve performance.

We hope it will save the average marketer up to two days a month on content performance reporting and simplify those internal conversations about ‘what works’ and, perhaps most importantly, why.

Rockee 2.0 focuses on using AI to measure whether your content achieves four key objectives:

  1. Reach: Is your content being seen by enough people to be judged effective?
  2. Audience: Is your content reaching the right target personas and companies?
  3. Engagement: Is your content solving problems and helping your audience?
  4. Pipeline: Is your content influencing opportunities and business pipeline?

We’d love your continued feedback, if you want to find out more – sign up below or e-mail me personally. Thank-you for your continued support!

Matt – Founder (matt@rockee.io)

Rockee 2.0
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