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Get qual and quant audience feedback on hard to measure content

 Use custom landing pages to get feedback on static assets

Increase gated content conversions with social proof

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Leading content, SEO and digital marketing teams use Rockee and ❤️ what we do!

Get real feedback on demand generation and thought leadership content from your audience

Collect content performance insights on traditionally unmeasurable content like PDF’s, infographics or other offline content using feedback landing pages.

Customise survey questions to help you understand more about your audience and their interests & find out the content they love the most.

Make content your audience will love

You spend loads of time working on your long-form content like PDF’s and infographics, but after it’s downloaded, do you know if any of it works?

Use our easy-to-use dashboards, with audience feedback to understand what really works for you. Meaning, you can spend time in the right areas and make more great content.


Get more leads & increase gated content conversion rates

With Rockee, you’ll be able to show the value of your awesome content – in numbers and glorious audience soundbites with our gated content trust badges.

Social proof is proven to help increase conversion rate, meaning more people read your gated content and you get more leads.



Know your audience

Customise survey questions to understand your audience – industry, seniority, job role and stage of customer journey.

Give users a great experience

Direct users to feedback landing pages from embedded links in content or via e-mail follow-ups after download

Understand performance

Content measurement & performance dashboards show you who’s reading, content scores and feedback.

Use social proof

Show people how great your thought leadership and demand gen content is with social proof from Rockee Trust Badges

Interact with your audience

Respond to feedback and start talking to your audience


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Who uses Rockee?


who need to show
a return on content-marketing investment (ROCI).


who want to make the
best content and show the rest of their business its value.


who want to boost trust, on-site engagement,
and conversion.


who want to
show clients their
content-marketing is working.

Collect feedback on your content – no code required

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Customise questions for your audience and create a feedback landing page in less than one minute – works with any platform